Today's competitive landscape makes lift truck performance and uptime more important than ever. That's where we come in. RG for forklift parts and service management ensures the lowest cost per hour and maximum benefit to your business.

Responsibility of Operator

Identify and report faulty equipments, damages, and safety concerns to Supervisor immediately.

Forklift Rental Services

Forklift Rental Services offered by us involves making available complete range of forklift on long term & short term rental basis.

Training of RG Forklifts

The goal of forklift sefety training is to help you achieve a work environment that is accident free and meets OSHA regulations.

Why Rent ?

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Voltas Forklifts

A set of Voltas Forklifts models. We are offering an exceptional quality Forklifts.

Godrej Forklifts

We provide material handling solutions to virtually all industries in manufacturing, infrastructure, services.

Forklift Tyres

We offer a comprehensive products for the forklift industry with tyres made from diverse polymer materials.


FORK-LIFT PRODUCTS was established in 1993 to provide the best solution for a diverse range of material handling supply needs within various companies locally and internationally. We specialise in the SALE, HIRE, SERVICE and REPAIR of forklift trucks and the supply of PARTS for all MAKES and ACCESSORIES.

About us

A worldwide organization, RG offers a comprehensive range of material handling equipment, from the largest container handlers and reach stackers, to nearly every type and size of forklift truck, to warehousing equipment. RG takes a global approach to product design, manufacturing, and supply-chain, but allows each region to tailor products and solutions to local needs.


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