As part of its Green Initiative, SUN-TWS works with its global distributor network for collecting and recycling (remanufacturing) solid resilient tyres from top quality used tyres.

    Best Used For:

    • Ecologically relevant
    • Comparable performance and life to a new tyre

    The Xtra Premium P6 Press On Band tyre is characterized by a heavy duty, long-wearing, low rolling resistance Premium Natural Rubber Tread with high resilience and low heat buildup, with a superior bond to the steel band.

    Best Used For:

    • Greater surface contact offering better load distribution
    • High chipping resistance

    The Numa P7 is our new Ultra Premium grade product, a 3- stage solid resilient tyre, with a specially formulated rich Natural Rubber tread with excellent wear resistance, low rolling resistance, extra wide profile, with optimum abrasion resistance and an extra soft centre compound for exceptional heat buildup resistance and superior resilience.

    Best Used For:

    • Exceptional design to tackle the most severe applications
    • Low rolling resistance and a long operating life